PS website v2.0 launched

Added on by PS Cat02.

As you can see we have a new website. I have been working on this thing non-stop for the past couple weeks w/ almost no sleep. We wanted to at least get most of it together before our trip to Warsaw. I barely made it, we leave tomorrow morning at 4am. There's still some sections that I haven't finished transferring over from the old site - for example, old entries from Pinky's diary (the blog) and What's New announcements - but, barring unforeseen catastrophe I will get to that later after our trip.

Why did we make a new website? The main reason was because the old website was a giant pain to modify and update. We designed it back in 2005 before we had a good idea what this project was going to turn into or how much territory we were going to cover. The result was that a lot of the work we've done didn't really have an appropriate place to get parked on the old website; this one is much more flexible and easier to reconfigure on-the-fly. So I'm pretty happy about that.

PS Communiques: Pinky and I will try to do a better job of keeping everyone updated on what we're up to. We were supposed to do that via the old newsletter system but that system was so lousy-unwieldily I hardly ever used it. In fact all year long I don't think I even sent out one newsletter. So anyway, if you never signed up to receive newsletters, you can sign up to receive future announcements here. If you can't remember if you did or if you didn't, you can just sign up and the system will double check that you're not in the database twice, so you won't receive two emails every time we send one out. FYI: We decided to change the name from "newsletter" to "communiques" because when I think of "newsletters", I generally think of near-worthless information that gets sent out more as a matter of habit than usefulness. Of course we don't want to waste your time with that kind of nonsense so we'll try to only send out stuff that we really think you'd like to know. And of course we will never share your name or e-mail with anyone, I absolutely detest people who do that.