Rap News 5: Wikileaks and the War on Journalism

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The Rap News has a new video out and I hope everybody watches it. It is, as usual, amazing. I've watched it a few times, there's a lot in there that rewards multiple viewing!

After you've watched the fun video, please follow up with some not-fun information, which is the point of the fun video.

read the actual reports at Wikileaks.org ]

The Guardian UK had better coverage than any mainstream U.S. paper I could find ]

Al Jazeera's summary video about the leak ]

Democracy Now! video with Daniel Ellsberg & Glenn Greenwald ]

Julian Assange @ TED ]

English/Arabic Commentary at Meedan.net ]

Of course there's mountains more on the internet, this is just meant to be a convenient starting point! Thank you for reading!

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