Newsflash: Slightly Different Individuals Fill D.C. Openings

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So after my last blog entry we got a few e-mails asking me if I was upset that the Republicans won so many seats in the House of Representatives, etc. Short answer is I'm always upset. What would have made me happier? Well, in the realm of the politically possible, nothing. All the important stuff that I wish would happen in U.S. politics are not going to happen at this moment. The Green Party can't even get on TV. People still use Kucinich as the punch-line to jokes. Most U.S. Americans don't know what anarchism is. Or socialism. Or capitalism for that matter.

I hate it when people just throw their hands up in the air and say "We're doomed". Actually, I often think we're doomed too, but that's no reason to not go down fighting. What do you think your teeth and claws and mouth are for?

Which is why Pinky and I are trying to do our own thing. We know we're not a big deal and we're definitely not saying that our thing is the only thing that's necessary. We just did an analysis of where we think the world is and what we think would be helpful, and now we're doing what we can to go in that direction. That's all.