Macintosh computer R.I.P.

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I feel a little sad. After Pinky and I drank morning coffee I went to turn on our computer like I do everyday. I pressed the "on" button but then nothing happened. It was dead. I almost couldn't believe it because day in, day out, it always works fine. I tried everything I could think of but it is still dead, so I guess it is dead permanently. I was surprised how sad I felt because actually Pinky and I don't own a lot of things so I never thought I would become attached to an object. But when I realized our computer wasn't going to wake up anymore I felt a little like I lost a small metal friend or something.

I was using that computer even before Pinky & I launched the Pinky Show in December 2005. We planned out our whole project on it and used it to make every single script, video, sound recording, cat drawing and every other Pinky Show thing we've ever done. It worked 18 hour days every single day and quite a few 24 hour days too. It was seven years old. Good computer!


R.I.P. computer, I'm going to miss working with you. Welcome to your new job: nightstand.

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Note from Kim: Hey Bunny, Did you see this? Were you going to replace dead Pinky Show computer with a new Apple computer?

"On December 21, Apple pulled a WikiLeaks application from its iTunes store, banning it forever. When reporters queried the company about why it did so, the response was: "We removed WikiLeaks because it violated developer guidelines. An app must comply with all local laws. It may not put an individual or target group in harm's way."
And so Apple has joined capital's war on WikiLeaks; adding its power to that of the credit card company's online retailers and even Swiss banks who refuse to do any business with the grassroots whistleblowing organisation that has done more to bring the malfeasance of governments and corporations to the light of public scrutiny than any other organisation in at least two generations...
...And Apple has also banned apps with political cartoons and gay travel guides, leading the Guardian to declare in May that "many magazine publishers developing 'apps' for the new iPad... have had to self-censor."" [ complete Mark Levine article here ]



Yeah I saw that. When we've saved enough money to buy a replacement I literally don't know what to do (yet). I don't like the way computer & software corporations operate and I don't feel like supporting ANY of them. I feel stuck. If anyone out there knows of computer and software developers who function according to more ethical principles, please let me know. B.