Pinky Show in Lecture Performance Catalogue

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Today we received a nice surprise in the mail. Radmila Joksimovic, curator at Museum of Contemporary Art-Belgrade mailed us the catalogue for the Lecture Performance exhibition.

The exhibition and catalogue was a collaboration between MoCA-Belgrade (Serbia) and Kolnischer Kunstverein (Cologne, Germany). It's a very nice book so we've very pleased. Pinky and I spent the evening reading through a couple of the essays and looking at the work of the other artists in the show.

Kathrin Jentjens, Radmilla Joksimovic, Anja Nathan-Dorn, Jelena Vesic
Ars Academica - the Lecture between Artistic and Academic Discourse
Jenny Dirksen
Doing Lectures. Performative Lectures as a Framework for Artistic Action
Marianne Wagner
A Piece about a Lecture
Vit Havranek and Boris Ondreicka
Performing Lecture Machine
Aldo Milohnic
Performance as Research and Production of Knowledge in Art
Ana Vujanovic and Jelena Vesic

Artists & other Lecturers/Performers:

Fia Backstrom
Walter Benjamin
Pauline Boudry/Renate Lorenz
Dan Graham
Andrea Fraser
Mark Leckey
Robert Morris
The Pinky Show
Martha Rosler
Grupa Spomenik
Jeronimo Voss
Katarina Zdjelar/Jan Verwoert

This is fun. I will read the rest of the essays tomorrow.