PS button design for AAM Thing not happening

Added on by PS Cat02.

Here's a design I made for a pin-on button. We were thinking of possibly making some buttons as give-aways for the interviewing project we're doing with Center for the Future of Museums at the AAM Annual Meeting & Museum Expo next month in Los Angeles. Unfortunately in the end there was no money in the budget for their production, but rather than just send the design into my computer's virtual rubbish can I'm posting it here if anybody wants to use it to make their own Pinky Show button (you may have to expand the edges - I never made a button before so I don't know). There is a small print shop near here that has a button-making machine; I suspect most print shops (Kinko's and places like that?) will probably make one for you for a couple of dollars.

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[ Note from Bunny: That looks fun - I wish I had that machine. Apparently they're called "pin-back buttons".  ]