Bunny Mailbag: A letter from Eric & Nibblet TWK

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I don't need to preface this e-mail by saying much - it's just a good letter and I wanted our readers to be able to read it too. Very important to think about.

To: The Pinky Show
From: Eric and Nibblet the Wonder Kitty
Subject: Ancient Athens, Sparta, Rome, and the United States
message: Hello Pinky, Bunny, and the gang!  I've been thinking allot about history and current events.  We study the Ancient cultures of Athens, Sparta, and the Roman Empire and feel superior to them because so much of their populations were slaves or impoverished laborers who worked to support the small upper classes of their cultures.  We also study the antebellum South and feel proud that we have eliminated chattel slavery here in the United States.
Yet it strikes me to ask what price does the rest of the world pay so that we here in the United States, and the other 'developed' countries, might enjoy the lifestyle that we have come to see as our birth right?  How much of the world's arable land and water resources are devoted to growing crops for export to the U.S. and other 'developed' countries, rather than being used to grow food for the people living in the countries this land is in?  How much of the world's population toil in factories, fields, and slave labor colonies for almost nothing so that we can buy our shirts and toys cheaply in big box stores rather than paying the prices that would result from these people being paid what we consider a living wage?  How much hunger, disease, tyranny, and suffering are required to maintain our lifestyles?  In the end, are we really ethically superior to the ancient Athenians, Spartans, and Romans?  They, at least, were willing to be open and honest about their exploitation of other peoples and nations for their own comfort and convenience.
I realize that these are very dangerous questions to be asking.  Yet, someone needs to ask them.  Have you Ever thought about this?  Have a great Spring and I look forward to your future endeavors!
Eric and Nibblet the Wonder Kitty