Pinky Show at the Berlin Biennale

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We've finally arrived home safely from Berlin. We did a lecture-type thing to a bunch of young curators from all over the world on the subject of failure. It was a good lecture, then we wished them much failure and departed. I ate quite a few sausages while I was there. The beer was fantastic. Special thanks to Rhea Dall and Ana Janevski for providing us with airplane tickets and a lovely motel, with the most delicious bread, in Berlin-Mitte. Also big hug and kisses to our friend and comrade Bojana Piskur from Radical Education Collective, Ljubljana, and art warriors Etcétera from Buenos Aries, errorists extraordinaire. Last but not least, a very special thank you to our old friends Harry & Yana, for taking care of us like we are really your kittens, thank you, we love you very much.

Bunny & Pinky