Pinky Show comics?

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Hi everybody! I'm going to throw an opinion question out there.

A few months ago the people at FUSE magazine ( asked us if we'd like to contribute a cartoon to their magazine. Of course we said YES because I read FUSE magazine and I like it a lot (yes, I really do have a subscription). Well, our first comic finally came out in the current issue - Volume 33 Number 3 for those of you who want to look for it at the magazine store - and wow, it is really neat to have a Pinky Show comic. We are on the last page. And not to pat ourselves on the head too much (because that's bad manners, right?) but we like the way it came out and I can imagine doing all kinds of neat things in a comic format!

So... Bunny and I have been talking a lot about comics and how that might actually be a better format for the Pinky Show than videos. Basically we just think it's a lot more do-able. There's certain things we can do in videos that probably wouldn't translate well to a comic strip format, but the opposite is true too. And anyway, producing animated educational videos is really not a two-cat operation and we just haven't been able to figure out how to sustain our project financially by making free videos & art. We have many thousands of fans but precious few supporters - on a good week we might receive one or two donations, which isn't nearly enough to pay for food, electricity, equipment, and stuff like that. So we need to figure out a different way of doing things if we want to keep putting stuff out there.

So here's the question: What do you folks think about The Pinky Show changing formats to comics? It might help us to expand our audience (if we could get it into college newspapers or whatever) and maybe a year or two from now, when we have enough comics, we could put them all together and sell them in a book, which might bring in some income (well, we hope - I'm not even sure if people still buy books...). We might still put out a video once in a while - "whenever possible" - but for now we have to figure out a way to survive, and don't human beings like to read comics?

What do you think? Stupid idea? Any feedback would be appreciated.

Take care,