Pinky Show in Warsaw (Poland) in October

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Hello cats and human beings in the Eastern half of Europe and thereabouts - we have an important announcement: The PInky Show will be doing two sessions at the upcoming event Warsaw under construction, an annual event produced by the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw. On one day we will be doing a joint session along with our friends from Radical Education Collective (Slovenia) and also Free University Warsaw, who we have read about but we have not met yet. The next day The Pinky Show will be doing a workshop. I think this is all going to be very nice. I can't find a schedule of events posted on the internet yet but my best guess is that you will (eventually) be able to find it (somewhere) at the Museum of Modern Art in Warsaw's website:

The tentative title for our talk is Epic Planetary Fail & You: The Pinky Show's Easy 3-Step Approach to Fixing Everything.

Our workshop is titled D.I.Y. Learning-Weapon: Context > Theory > Practice > Reflect (Repeat), and will focus on the relationship between public modes of critical inquiry and pedagogy.

See you in Warsaw.

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P.S. For those of you who missed us at the Berlin Biennale this past June, we will be back in Germany to do a big workshop & stuff at ZKM Centre for Art and Media (Karlsruhe) ~May/June 2011. Not sure about the exact dates yet but please check back here for updates as more information becomes available. B.