New PS online store:

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Okay, our new online store is finally up. The URL is (It's too bad we couldn't make it Pinky& but apparently you can't have the ampersand symbol in a URL address - interwebs repair guys should make that happen.)


There's not so much stuff in it at the moment but I will keep on adding "the new stuff" when I have time, probably next month. For now I'm happy enough that it's finally up and functions properly. Now I turn my attention to the more important project of reworking the Pinky Show website. Our current website is just too disorganized and I can't stand looking at it any more.

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Note added 10/15: For those who may be wondering why we separated the PS store from our project website and gave it it's own URL, the answer is we're trying to make the Pinky Show website as clear, simple-looking, and easy-to-understand as possible. The Pinky Show is by nature a complicated project - we talk about a lot of different subjects and we use an equally wide range of formats to do so (dialogues, videos, art, ephemera, etc.). In the past we've found that a lot of people find this confusing ("What EXACTLY do you guys DO???"), so we thought that removing the store from our site and putting it off on the side would be one less thing to be distracted by. 100% of all proceeds generated by the PS store will still go towards the production of new Pinky Show materials, paying server fees, electricity bills, upkeeping our equipment, stuff like that. Just like before. ~ pinky