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Bunny Mailbag: Is Canada So Great We Should Kiss Its Ass?

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So I guess Jordan from yesterday's Bunny Mailbag was offended by my resonse and took it upon himself to write back. Here's an excerpt:

...I knew you guys would say that you hate Columbus becaues that's the typical response from socialist fucktards like you. I see you'll be in Canada soon so why not just stay there. YOu think they're a utopian paradise? WHAT A JOKE. THEY have the SAME SHIT going on over there and OVERALL it's WORSE. So enjoy your time kissing Canadian ASS and I hope you get detained at the border trying to re-enter the US! Jordan

Hilarious. I'll just make a few points:

1. I don't hate Columbus because I'm a socialist. (When did I say I was a socialist?) I just have a problem with greedy, slave-trading, genocidal maniacs. Plus, he was a poor administrator. Do I need more reasons?

2. Whether we live in Canada or the U.S., we'll still keep up with our critique of U.S. hegemony, thank you very much. Why? Simply because the U.S. remains #1 in messing up the planet in oh-so-many ways. Don't take it so personal, geez. As soon as the U.S. steps back from these bad habits, we'll turn our attention to other topics, such as cross-stitching, which is really a great hobby (everyone should try it).

3. And finally, here's a mini-checklist just I threw together to help answer that profound question advanced by our fan Jordan: "Should We Kiss Canada's Ass: Yes or No?"

Have single-payer health care? Yes.
Have massive drop-dead stupid-scary oil sand project? Yes.
Have homeless people? Lots.
Settler state structure? Yes, just like U.S.
Signed UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples? No, just like U.S.
Signed Convention on Cluster Munitions Treaty? Yes, unlike U.S.
Military spending as % of GDP? 111th in world (U.S. 1st, of course)
Invaded Iraq with U.S.? No.
In Afghanistan? Yes.
Have nuclear weapons? No.
Thinks they own the North Pole? Yes.
Hockey or Baseball? Hockey.
Responsible for making Top Gun & Pretty Woman? No.
Who has nicer flag, U.S. or Canada? Canada.
Tastier ice cream: U.S. or Canada? We'll find out when we get there.

So there it is. We'll discuss and decide on the ass kissing thing later.

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P.S. When I get to Canada I will be looking for one of these (below). A friend told me they are large enough to ride and I have never tried that.


[ Kim: Isn't Julia Roberts Canadian? Wouldn't that make Canada at least partly responsible for Pretty Woman? ]


[ Bunny: No, she's not Canadian. Which is another plus for Canada, I suppose. ]


[ note from Pinky: We do an exhibition in Canada and suddenly this person is verbally attacking Canada? What's wrong with this guy??? I've noticed over the years that many U.S. Americans quickly get defensive or belligerent if someone says something critical about the U.S., or god forbid even just says something nice about another country. Has anyone else noticed this or is this just my imagination? Are people from most other countries like this too or is this something that's "very American"? ]

Bunny Mailbag: Celebrating Columbus Day

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From our e-mail:

Hi Pinky & Bunny, I notice you guys haven't been very actively lately. I was wondering How are you planning on celebrating Columbus Day today? What is your take on all these people who say he was a murderer? Do you agree? Josh

My reply to Josh:

"Not very active lately"? Don't piss me off.
And regarding Columbus Day, we're going to celebrate the same way most everybody else celebrates Columbus Day here in America. First we're going to watch baseball on TV, then we'll toast Columbus with a few beers, then finally we'll drive our automobile to a shopping mall so we can spend money on THINGS. We celebrate all our genocidal favorites (Alexander, Hitler, Henry Kissinger, Pol Pot, etc.) on their respective special days like this. Why, you do it different?

Incidentally, Venezuelans should lay off the history books.

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PS in Oh Dear! Magazine

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Oh Dear! magazine is a cool online magazine for all you D.I.Y. girls out there. And guess what - The Pinky Show is on page 78 in this month's issue. What does it say? I don't know but Pinky is translating it as part of her attempt to learn Spanish.


I hope we get huge in Mexico. Oh Dear! magazine is at:

[ ]


Let's Crash Some Shit Into The Moon And See What Happens

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Okay, I think I'm a fairly reasonable cat when it comes to scientific inquiry, but this experiment just makes me sad beyond words. According to NASA:

illustration: NASA.

illustration: NASA.

"The Mission Objectives of the Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite (LCROSS) include confirming the presence or absence of water ice in a permanently shadowed crater at the Moon's South Pole. The identification of water is very important to the future of human activities on the Moon. LCROSS will excavate the permanently dark floor of one of the Moon's polar craters with two heavy impactors in 2009 to test the theory that ancient ice lies buried there. The impact will eject material from the crater's surface to create a plume that specialized instruments will be able to analyze for the presence of water (ice and vapor), hydrocarbons and hydrated materials."

"Excavate"? Are they joking?

If you have a 10-inch telescope or larger you'll actually be able to see the impact from Earth. The resulting damage from the impact of these spacecrafts (actually missiles) striking the surface at over 5,000 m.p.h. is expected to be spread over an area several miles wide. Is this a respectful way to go about learning things? Does this remind anybody of settlers' attitude toward and exploitation of "frontier lands"?

Disgusting. The moon-bombing is set to happen on Oct 9.

To read more agency-speak, click here.

Better yet, watch this awesome video. (thanks Hugo & Jordan!)



[ That's moon abuse. Scientists should follow some kind of ethical guidelines when they are designing experiments, like "Would you be okay doing this experiment to your own mommy?" If not, then probably you shouldn't be doing it! Posted by Kim. ]

I Want To Punch Your Face @ AK Press

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If you had to name the single most ass-kicking book publisher in the U.S., who would it be?

Well, I'm sure a lot of people would say "AK Press", and I would agree.

And guess what? The AK Press is now distributing I Want To Punch Your Face. So that is very cool. Oh, by the way, make sure you check out the rest of their offerings. They have amazing stuff.

[ ]

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Over 5 million YouTube Views

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A couple of days ago we passed the 5 million views mark at YouTube. I'm pretty sure the majority of those people hate us but we're happy to be the fly in their soup.

Someone recently asked us how many total viewers we have. The short answer is we don't know. In addition to YouTube, we also have people watching PS episodes at our website (which also is easy to count), but there's also lots of people coming across our stuff on various public access TV stations across the U.S., or watching downloaded videos or DVDs in classrooms and other offline situations. So we don't even try to count those ones. I'm sure there are sophisticated methodologies that marketing people use to guesstimate viewership in circumstances like ours, but we don't bother because we wouldn't know what we'd do with that information anyway.

I just think 7 million views (the ones we can count) is a lot of views. Of course we would like to have a hundred times that amount - maybe later. Thanks to all of you who've taken the time to tell your friends about The Pinky Show.


Bunny Mailbag: Stopping the Holocaust, Swimming, etc.

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I haven't done any public replying to e-mail in a while, but since Pinky is busy with painting at the moment I thought I'd answer some e-mail today. The first one is from a viewer in Germany:

dear bunny, there is something i've been thinking about, watching your film [Hawaii vs. U.S. Imperialism] i like how you point out and analyze american imperialism. (but) seeing germany in a list with vietnam and other countries as "colonized" is really weird for me. anti-facists, jewish people and non-fascists from all over europe were really glad the usa helped stop WWII... it finally put an end to holocaust, murder, and genocide by the germans [...] just to give you an impression from an anti-fascist post-war perspective. i'd love to see your work in an art show or in a discussion in europe somewhere. any plans in that direction? viele grüße, panda

My reply to panda:

hi panda,
if i remember correctly, including germany on the list (the long list towards the end of our hawaii vs. US imperialism video) was based on the US's extensive military presence there, plus US military and CIA activities on german soil. we were pointing to how the US has made germany a part of its global imperial structure; it is not a "colony" in the classic sense.
what you say about US fighting in WWII is true - if the US did not fight germany, i would guess that probably even more atrocities against jews and other marginalized people would have occurred. we are definitely NOT suggesting that anything like genocide should ever be unchallenged. what we ARE saying that it is important to examine the inconsistencies and contradictions of US interventionism. for example, if the reasons the US gave as a moral justification for fighting germany were true ("we must enter into this war to stop genocide" or "we must fight fascism/support democracy"), then why have these reasons not also required the US to intervene in parallel circumstances? even a quick look at history shows that the US intervenes in some cases but not others. in fact, there are many examples where the US goes to a foreign country and destroys their democratic government, or supports or commits genocide. why is this? does the US just not know what it's doing? (unlikely) or are there other factors besides moral imperatives that make the US leaders commit violent actions with their military and/or economic weapons? (i think so) this is why we say a situation like WWII cannot be analyzed only according to 'moral justifications' ("we have to stop genocide & fascism"). if we confine ourselves to this kind of logic we will not be able to understand why the US also engages in anti-democratic or even genocidal actions in other situations. however, when we do an analysis that takes into consideration 'imperialism' (what it is, how it works, what it needs to continue, and so on) - well, then suddenly a lot of things that at first seem like contradictions can be explained. so there are many forces at work!
regarding pinky show in europe, we are going to have a small thing in a group show in belgrade in january. but besides that right now we have no invitations from anybody in europe. europe is very exciting to us, we have only been there one time, for a short trip to slovenia last year. we get a lot of emails from germany though, so maybe one day something will happen and we will be able to go. we want to learn more about situations outside the US - our analysis is from a US perspective and often doesn't directly translate to other political & social contexts very well, so we are always trying to learn more.

Here's another e-mail from Valerie:

Hello Pinky and Bunny... I just watched the 13 Things I Learned at Kahoolawe episode and I really liked it alot. It has a sweet, gentle feel to it while sharing very valuable lessons and insights. You are amazing. Thank you. Valerie P.S...I think cats CAN actually swim, they just don't like to (except Tigers, I think)

My reply:

Hi Valerie. I'm happy you liked the video. We would be super happy if it moved even one person to start fighting against the widespread abuse of this planet. Even if we just started with a tiny sub-category of the broader problem, like, for example, challenging the military to stop destroying native people's most sacred places - we still would have TONS of work to do. Kahoolawe needs lots of help, and there are many other Kahoolawes too, not just in Hawaii but all over the world. Oh, regarding the other thing, yeah, I assumed I could swim too (I've seen videos of swimming cats before) but when I got into the water I found out that actually I can't swim and almost died. So I won't be doing that again. Tigers, yeah, I think they have huge feet. Take care, Bunny

Okay, last one, from a guy named Mark:

I watched the episode on illegal immigration. Weren't native American Indians settlers too? Nothing is fair and people have been taking other peoples stuff since human existence. That's just the way it is...

My reply:

First thing: "Weren't native American Indians settlers too?" Good question. The answer is NO. Please study settler colonialism. I recommend Patrick Wolfe. It's not "easy reading" but it'll take you far. Do a search for Settler Colonialism and the Transformation of Anthropology - it's on Google Books.
Second thing: "Nothing is fair and people have been taking other peoples stuff since human existence. That's just the way it is." This is a good example of using (arguably) true statements in order to justify moral weakness. Yes, human beings have been jerks througout history - so what? Surrendering to the inevitability of abuse just makes it far easier to continue. - Bunny

About a month ago Pinky and I were hanging out with a friend, and we were just talking about social justice or whatever, when he asked Pinky why she is so obssessed with learning about and fighting against all the bad stuff in this world. I work with Pinky day in and day out and we talk about these kinds of things all the time, but her answer surprised me. She said something like, "In the future, I don't want our descendents to look back and know that we were cowards."

So that's the end of today's Bunny Mailbag, cuz now it's my turn to cook lunch.


Japanese Small Box Toys

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Yesterday Pinky and I made our monthy trek to the Marukai Store, which is kind of like the mother ship of all Japanese Supermarkets here in California. Besides stocking up on Japanese snack foods the one thing that jumped out at us was their large selection of small box-toys. You know those small box-toys from Japan right? In case you don't know here's how they work: each toy-box shows a selection of possible toys on the back of the box, but then they don't tell you which toy is actually inside. Which means you have to keep buying boxes and boxes of toys until you finally get the specific toy you want. Some of the toys are really cool but making you buy a bunch of toys you don't want is not my idea of "exciting" - it's LAME. Anyway, this is the toy-series that had my attention:


They have little cat statues inside. Most of the cat statues in this series looked pretty boring to me but two of them looked kind of like me and Pinky. And I figured out if I squeeze the box a certain way I could peek inside, so I stood there and squeezed all the boxes and eventually I found the two toys that I wanted. So here's what I bought - this one looks just like Pinky:


Pooping. It even has a bunch of wheat grass, which is funny because she loves wheat grass for real. She's always saying, "Do we have any wheat grass?" even when we don't have any wheat grass, it's so irritating. Here is the other one, it looks like me, sort of.


Actually I'm a lot better looking than this in real life but I thought it was good that it came with a computer because I really like computers.

I've never been to Japan but I want to go one day because their toys and food is really good.

In other news, Pinky is still painting every day in preparation for our upcoming Winnipeg show; I'm working on everything else.