Pre-History of The Pinky show

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Hi. I guess this is the first entry in my digital diary. It's an open diary - Bunny and I thought it'd be a good idea to have a little place on our website where one of us could record our thoughts regarding what we're doing (or trying to do). But before we get started with that, here's a very condensed pre-history of The Pinky Show.

January 1, 2001: Bunny born in a small house in Culver City, California (Los Angeles).
March (?), 2002: Pinky born somewhere on the island Oahu, Hawaii (don't know exactly when or where).
September 2004: Pinky decides to "get educated". Enrolls in school. Expelled two weeks later for "willful insubordination, harassment of teachers, and attempting to incite a riot" (all untrue!). So much for formal education.
October 2004: Pinky leaves Hawaii to see the world. Disguised as a suitcase, Pinky hops a plane to California, and meets Bunny wandering the streets of LA a few days later.
November 2004 - March 2005: Pinky & Bunny basically just wander around North America, looking at stuff, avoiding traffic, etc. Decide to settle in the desert on the outskirts of Los Angeles (lots of space, peace & quiet) for the time being.
March 13, 2005: Rejected by schools, Pinky & Bunny decide to take their learning into their own hands… whatever that means. More thinking required.
April 4, 2005: Pinky & Bunny decide to make an eduational TV show. The premise of the show is simple: every episode we'll ask a simple question, and then we'll give ourselves 5 minutes to try to answer it. Pinky will research, write, draw pictures, and narrate; Bunny will learn how to run a computer and make a website. We'll call it "The Pinky Show", which we consider more catchy than "The Educational Show In Which Pinky & Bunny Answer A Deceptively Simple But Nonetheless Important Question in Approximately 5 Minutes".
April - June 2005: much floundering and confusion.
June 29, 2005: Pinky & Bunny bump into sisters Mimi & Kim (also cats) in a random chance meeting in the desert. After talking a bit, Mimi & Kim decide to help with the show. Special talents: Mimi - math, organizing things, and hiding. Kim - toys, comics, and video games. Now we are four!
July - September: somewhat less confusion, but much more floundering. We decide to have the show available on the internet, since no television station wants us.
September 11, 2005: The launch of the beta version of The Pinky Show website. Quite a few things don't work yet. Lots more work to be done.
December 1, 2005: Our official opening day for The Pinky Show website. Everything (more or less) works! Yay! Here we go...

~ pinky