Our First Episode!

Added on by PS Cat02.

Bunny just posted our first episode on our website. I had a chance to sit down and do a very short interview with my friend Dr. Hui, who was nice enough to drive all the way out here from LA (I think it’s about a two or three-hour drive). Besides doing the interview, we gave Dr. Hui a nice tour around the immediate vicinity (the old trailer park, the huge electrical power line towers, the semi-abandoned junk yards) and we also showed him our plans for the university we're hoping to build one day (I think he was impressed). We really enjoyed his visit.

Even though it's just one episode on our website so far, at least now I feel like we're slowly moving forward. It's a start. We have three more episodes in-progress, I hope to have them all done and posted on our website very soon.

~ pinky