Bunny X-stitch

Added on by PS Cat02.

Dear Bunny,
My name is Geena and I really like The Pinky Show. Good work! I also happen to enjoy cross stitching as a hobby. Since I know you like cross stitching too I made this portrait of you. I hope you like it. By the way, why is the show not called The Pinky & Bunny Show?
Best wishes, Geena

Hi Geena, Thanks so much for the cross stitch art! I really look cute as a cross stitch. Thanks for doing me (instead of Pinky). The reason why the show is named after her is actually kind of a long story but I agree with you that the show would be better with a different name (for example, The Bunny Show). I used Photoshop to put the cross stitch art in a frame until I can find a real frame the right size to put it in. Also I'm going to post the pattern so that other people can have a x-stitch Bunny picture too. Again, thanks for the art! Love, Bunny