Mr. Stroud Responds Again

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I just heard back from Mr. Stroud in Syracuse. His e-mail:

So what were we supposed to do? Just let them kill our families as we sit around and do nothing? Do you even know anybody who died at ground zero? Go tell their children how you plan to do nothing to bring those terrorists to justice. I'm so sick of all your whining about peace and consider this conversation over. J. Stroud

You know, I read Mr. Stroud's e-mail several times, and the most striking thing for me is how he apparently sees retaliating with violence as the only ‘real' or ‘legitimate' response to violence - struggling towards peace, or understanding, or healing looks a lot like 'sitting around doing nothing' to him. To be blunt, I think his inability to even imagine an alternative to violence is actually a large part of the problem. Of course he's not the only one - we (all of us on planet Earth) wouldn't be in such a mess if we'd put as much effort into fighting all forms of violence instead of tolerating or supporting it.

~ pinky

[ Bunny's note: That last sentence doesn't make sense. ]

[ Pinky: Yes it does. For example, when I see you lying in the sun all day doing nothing, that represents a conscious choice. ]

[ Bunny: Okay but that's still a bad way of trying to say what I think you mean. ]