New Area: Conversations

Added on by PS Cat02.

Today we are opening a new area at the Pinky Show website. Since we lack imagination, we are tentatively just calling it 'the Conversations area'. The idea is simple but we are very excited about it - basically we're going to use this area to archive (in text form) some of the conversations that we've had with others, or even conversations we've had amongst ourselves, that have been important to our learning.

We're kicking off the new area with an interview Pinky did with psychotherapist Shirin Shokouhi on the subject of violence. She talks about violence at the interpersonal level but also between nations. It is very eye-opening. I hope people will take some time to consider what Ms. Shokouhi has to say. Especially since at this very moment our leaders are trying to create a new war, this time with Iran.

We will be adding more conversations on a regular basis.

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~ Bunny