Pinky Show website hacking update.

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As many of you know by now, on Friday, July 20, someone hacked our website. We took the site offline as soon as we found out about the problem and Bunny set to work on getting things back to normal. As I write this (July 22), our website is now clean and back online. We also took the opportunity to update other parts of our site - these areas will come back online over the next few days.

As far as we can tell, the malicious code (a.k.a. malware) that was placed on our site during the hack was designed to exploit security problems inherent in PC computers running Microsoft Internet Explorer. For this reason we think it's especially important for anyone using this combination (Windows PCs + Explorer) to immediately take steps to protect yourself by using an up-to-date antivirus program (Kaspersky, Norton, McAfee, NOD32, etc.). Even if you use a different web browser (Firefox, Opera, etc.) it's generally good practice to regularly use antivirus and firewall protection ("safe computing"). Another good idea is to always keep your Windows software updated with the latest patches from Microsoft. Malicious code in the form of trojan horses, worms, and viruses of all kinds are very common all over the internet (over 100,000 different flavors, with over 200 new ones coming out every month) so please take care of your computers!

A special thank you to everyone who stepped forward with information and assistance, and also to everyone else for being so patient and supportive. We took our time getting the site back online because we like to be as careful as possible and wanted to double and triple-check everything.

Please take care!
pinky, Bunny, Mimi & Kim

Sunday, July 22, 2007