YouTube Insanity

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Last week was crazy. On July 19 (Thursday), one of the YouTube editors placed a Pinky Show episode on the front page of YouTube. We immediately felt the difference in the form of thousands of e-mails pouring into our mailbox. Apparently not everyone was thrilled with what we have to say, as the very next day (Friday, July 20) the Pinky Show website was hacked and we had to shut it down for a few days while Bunny cleaned it up. To be honest, we were all kind of surprised that someone would hack our site in an attempt to silence us. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was annoying and I'm sure Bunny didn't enjoy debugging the site. But seriously - anybody who's spent any time at all with cats must know that you can't stop us from doing what we want. I'm sure this won't be the last attempt to shut us up, but in the end, all of these attacks will fail. We are not big, or rich, or powerful, or anything exciting like that, so instead we will just be relentless.

Back to the story. By Friday, July 27, we'd finally slid off the front page of YouTube. But in the span of one short week we've acquired over half a million episode views and over a thousand new subscribers. Pretty sweet huh? During the week I also replied to about five or six hundred e-mails. My sincere apologies if I never got around to answering your e-mail - there were just so many and in the end I had to skip a lot of very charming e-mails just because my eyes were getting all weird like this:


So anyway, our 15 minutes of internet mini-fame has finally run its course and all I can say is that it was really exciting and fun. We made a lot of new friends! It was also a great learning experience. We not only got to learn a whole bunch about hacking, but the big increase in traffic and feedback produced a lot of information that now we get to sit down and analyze.

Things are getting back to normal around here and I think starting tomorrow I'll be able to get back to doing some of that fundraising work we'd started before this YouTube thing blew up. I'm excited to get back to work on that stuff because we're really focused on finishing that episode on internal colonies.

Oh wait - one more thing! In the middle of all this e-mail and hacking craziness we also managed to crank out a mini-video open call for a project we're currently calling Americanism: The Movie. If you haven't already seen it please check it out. It's only been up for a couple of days but it seems to be generating some interest. So I'm hopeful that more people will post video responses, enough so that we can edit them together and make an interesting episode out of it. If you, or anybody you know, has an opinion about Americanism - or globalization, colonialism, racism, or any of the other little morsels that wrapped together make up the giant Americanism Burrito™ (okay, that is probably the world's worst metaphor ever) - please participate in this project.


It's bedtime; I better go. Goodnight.

~ pinky


[ note from Bunny: That's a big burrito. Look how small the Coke is. ]


[ from Kim: What's in that burrito? ]