Busy is Good

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The past few weeks have been good. I'm happy because we've all been really busy working on a whole bunch of stuff; that always feels like 'progress'. Bunny's been doing a big under-the-hood type overhaul of our website. When she's done the website should be both more secure and easier for us to update. Kim & Mimi have been working on some grant writing and communications stuff in their spare time (they both work full-time). I've been doing lots of research, interviewing, and writing for the upcoming full-size episode on internal colonies, and at the same time I've also been working on a medium-sized episode on immigration with my friend Daisy (hopefully we'll be able to release that one in the upcoming week). I'm also guest editing an international radical education zine; I have to be done with that in the first week of September, which is right around the corner, so that one's actually been kinda stressing me out. Oh yeah - Bunny and I recently started working with a group of settlers in Hawaii on an education project which I'm hoping will produce some good results. This work will probably require that we go back and forth to Hawaii over the next year or so. I hope we can also do some additional work in Hawaii while we're there - I was born there and there's a lot of things about Hawaii that I want to know more about.

Bunny and I usually reserve Sunday mornings for making shirts (if we haven't received any orders for shirts during the week then Sunday morning becomes our sleep late day). But anyway today we had to make some shirts and when I was packing them I noticed something interesting. With the exception of one shirt, all the rest were going to smaller cities or small towns I'd never heard of. When I looked at where all the previous weeks' shirts had been mailed, it was mostly all small towns too. We've also mailed quite a few shirts to people outside the U.S., though the idea of someone walking around wearing a Pinky Show shirt in, say, Durban, Belfast, or São Paulo - that's pretty hard for me to comprehend. But anyway I've just been pleasantly surprised with how much of our support has come directly from smaller communities and foreign countries. This underground media thing has turned out to be a lot more fascinating than we had anticipated...

It's almost 2:30 p.m. I notice I always start getting hungry and thirsty around this time every day ("breakfast").

~ pinky

[ Later note: We had spaghetti & onions. ]