Pinky Show goes to Slovenia; New PDFs.

Added on by PS Cat02.

1. Almost a year and a half ago we received an invitation to participate in a series of debates and an accompanying exhibition on global practices in radical education. Well what seemed so far away before has now finally arrived and Pinky, Daisy, and I will fly to Slovenia this coming Monday (Nov. 24) to participate in the events; Kim & Mimi will stay behind and water the plants, feed the ants, etc. The program was organized by the Radical Education Collective (Slovenia) and the exhibition will be held at the gallery Škuc in Ljubljana. The talks will include representatives from education groups from all over: Contra Filé (Brazil), Dostje!, H.I.J.O.S. (Guatemala), La Lleca (Mexico), Radical Education, Section for Latin America, Social Center Rog, Universidad Nómada, Zampa di Leone (Serbia), Albert Heta (Kosova), Agon Hamza (Kosova), Hajrudin Hromadžić, Helena Popović, and us. From the curatorial statement:

"There is no silence, we are here to speak. About memories that give us strength to organize social struggles. About networks that move into new territories. About art as experience and experiment. About cultural hybrids and political mutants. About practices of freedom and about different social relations."

We are going to Slovenia to share and learn, I'm sure we'll return with many new ideas for the future. Pinky will take notes and give a report when we get back. We will be there for six days of dialogue/work, I think we might also have one day to relax and sight-see around Ljubljana. Assuming all goes according to plan, we will be back home on December 5.

2. Any orders placed in our online store between Nov. 24 and Dec. 5 will be mailed out as soon as we return from Slovenia. Mimi & Kim don't know how to do that stuff.

3. One of the objectives of our Pinky Show project is to create materials that teachers can use to encourage meaningful dialogue and reflection in their classes. To this end, I finally got around to making & posting downloadable PDF versions of the globalization cartoons, the museum poster, and so on. This makes using them as handouts easier. They are scattered throughout the Pinky Show archives. We hope you find them useful.

- Bunny