PS Art on eBay!

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Hello again. We've been back from Slovenia almost a week now and things are getting back to normal. Pinky and I both got sick on the trip but I got better fast and Pinky's still sick. Sickly, that cat. The trip itself was amazing. We're making a narrated slide show with about 100 photos we took over there and will release that soon. Pinky's pretty much done with the writing but I think maybe I'll have to narrate it this time because she still sounds weird and is coughing a lot.

In other news, while we were in Slovenia the folks at the Arlington Arts Center sent back the art work that we had in the Picturing Politics 2008 exhibition. Originally we were planning on keeping all the stuff we made for ourselves (because we like it), but the end of the year is quickly approaching and we're still short on our fundraising efforts, so after much discussion (grrr!) we decided to put them up for auction on eBay. The auctions run for only a week so if you've been clenching your teeth, agonizing over not being able to own either or both of these gorgeous+ masterworks - now's your chance! Yes, these are the very same paw-signed originals from the AAC show! WOW! (well, maybe not so 'wow', but they are very nice...) And of course 100% of any funds generated from the auctions will go to the production of new PS episodes. Interested? Click on the pictures below to check out the auctions!v


By the way, don't forget to look at our blog. Later tonight I'm going to post a link to an excellent documentary my friend sent me - War Made Easy by the folks at Media Education Foundation. Required watching - send your friends.