Bunny Recommends: Peace, Propaganda, & the Promised Land

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For the past couple of days Pinky and I have been absorbed with trying to solve a bunch of equipment problems. I think my computer is ready to go to computer heaven and Pinky's RAID keeps failing for some mysterious reason. On top of that our mic preamp has developed an intermittent static problem. Grrr. It's just annoying enough to make us contemplate a switch to book-writing. Maybe comic books.

I hadn't gone online for a couple of days and when I finally did this morning all I see are reports about the Israeli airstrikes. The year ends in rivers of blood. So sad.

Some of you may remember that we (Pinky, Kim, Mimi, and I) posted a mini-review of Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land a few months ago and we all thought it was an excellent documentary. Well, I just found it on Google video. While it may not be the best summary of "the history of the Palestine-Israel conflict" (that would be our friend Yamila narrating that complicated story while drawing explanatory maps on a napkin), but it's still extremely helpful for anyone who gets their information about what's going on from the mainstream media - which is probably 99% of everybody. I'm posting it below - please watch.

- Bunny