New Gallery: Hey Hetero!

Added on by PS Cat02.

We have a new art show in our Commons Gallery. Deborah Kelly and Tina Fiveash are two artists from Australia and this work is from their series 'Hey hetero!'. It's been shown in various cities around the world but not here in the U.S. Pinky deserves credit for organizing and assembling this mini-show, but a big 'Thank You' to Deborah & Tina for graciously allowing us to re-present their work to... everyone else reading this.

Before meeting Pinky I can't say I was particularly interested in "art" (whatever that is), but I like work like this. I think it's powerful and can really make people reflect in a way that's very different from reading an essay or hearing a lecture. Check it out.

Oh by the way, if you like what you see, you can go here for more from Tina and Deborah:

Tina Fiveash's website:

One of Deborah Kelly's project websites:

If you like these mini-art shows send us an e-mail so that we'll know if we should make more or what.

- Bunny