Q: Is it art? A: Who cares, etc.

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I think we need a press clippings area on this website. In the past I've just been depositing them here in the blog, but somehow it feels very random and disorganized and I don't like it.

Anyway, here are a couple of reviews that came out today, graciously forwarded to us by Jennifer Gibson, (art) curator at the University of Winnipeg's (art) Gallery 1C03. Thank you Jennifer for keeping an eye out for us.

from Uptown Magazine

from Uptown Magazine

from Winnipeg Free Press

from Winnipeg Free Press

Pinky likes contemporary art more than I do. I like old art more, the didactic stuff. Especially old religious art - those guys were always telling you what to do! (I like) With contemporary art it seems to me a lot of people get all huffy and start stomping around if the work is somehow not sufficiently weird / ambiguous / deliberately-mystified enough. Which isn't to say I have a problem with any of those attributes, I just get annoyed with people who think the world is not big enough to also accommodate overtly didactic work.

Which is why I find it a little odd that neither writer criticized us for making didactic work that also happens to look very art-like. Or maybe I just have a misconception regarding what art reviewers will find acceptable nowadays? (Apparently I do.)

I hope Kim and Mimi don't get all big-headed now that their pictures were chosen to be in newspapers.

For those of you who have been asking what we've been up to since returning from Winnipeg:

1. Pinky got real sick. She's still working but also sleeping a bit extra (slightly annoying) and coughing all over the place (very annoying).
2. We've been working on making fine art prints of some of the images in the exhibition (plus some others that we haven't had time to put on our website). I know - after the above mini-rant it is weird to suddenly call our pictures 'art' but apparently people just call really, really nice prints 'fine art prints'. Okay.
3. Finishing up two more videos.
4. Trying to troubleshoot our stupid water heater that finally stopped working. Can it be saved? Still don't know.
5. Running all the errands that we neglected to do before we left for Winnipeg because we were busy preparing for Winnipeg.

Life is less exciting here than in Winnipeg but still okay. We'll keep working.