Daisy's Mini-Report from Makua Valley

Added on by PS Cat02.

Pinky and I have never been inside Makua Valley so Daisy was nice enough to snap a few photos for us while he was there this past weekend.

Pinky organized the materials into a slideshow format and put it in the Commons Gallery. See it here. (The pictures have mouse-over commentary by Daisy - don't miss it.)


For those of you who never heard of Makua Valley, here is some background information from KAHEA, EarthJustice, and DMZ Hawaii/Aloha Aina.

- Bunny


[ note from Kim: I think I see the dog in the petroglyph. Did Hawaiian people know about cats before the European and American people showed up? ]


[ Bunny: I don't think so. I vaguely remember reading somewhere that cats first arrived in Hawaii along with the first wave of European "explorers" (late 18th century). Apparently we were employed on those ships as rat hunters. Anybody know? ]


[ Pinky: I heard that story too. I wonder how the cats got from ship to shore? Did they jump and swim? Did Captain Cook bring his cat friends to shore on those little boats? I wonder what Hawaiian people thought when they first saw cats? Did they like how soft we are? I wonder what was the first thing said after that first somebody touched that first cat? ]


[ Bunny: Damn. As always, so many weird questions. ]