Wheee! I'M ON UR LAND... Now Zoomable!

Added on by PS Cat02.

I'm so excited! Okay, so I'm a total work-nerd and I've been fuzzying around with a little software contraption that makes zoomable big pictures. It's kind of hard to explain in words but easy to enjoy once you start playing around with it...

Click on the image below to start. [ Note: It's a big picture so it might take a few moments to load - depends on your internet connection speed. ]

Instructions: [obsolete]
• Mouse your cursor onto the picture to start.
• Press the SHIFT key to zoom in.
• Press the CONTROL key to zoom out.
• Click & drag your mouse to move around in the image (only works once you're zoomed in).

Did it work? It's neat, right?

I'm going to ask Bunny to clean up the interface later but I wanted to post this today because tomorrow is Thanksgiving and... yeah, you know.

Take care,


[ note from Bunny: also added the triptych from the On Native Land series to the archive page. ]