e-mail: Is PS okay?! Please blog to prove!

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E-mail from Eric W.:

Subject: Is PS okay?! Please blog to prove!
Hi. You have not blogged since Dec. 2008. Please blog something to let people know you are still up and running and are not locked up in an animal shelter! ...Also... Have you thought about adding a section to your website where teachers can upload lesson plans, Word documents, pdf documents, etc. that would go along with you videos? They could somehow be peer reviewed before appearing online, or vetted in some way. Eric :)

Pinky's response:

Hi Eric, Thank you for your concern. No, we've not been locked up (recently). And I don't want anyone to think that we're just sitting around watching T.V. or something so here is my mini-report on what's going on around here at the moment: 1) editing & animating two new PS episodes; 2) putting together a new feature for the Commons Gallery; 3) Bunny is working on "tiny colonialism comix"; 4) I'm writing a children's book (for adults); 5) we're writing curriculum for some upcoming workshops; 6) ongoing grassroots education project re: colonialism in Hawaii; 7) computer died and (semi)resurrected; and 8) we just finished up and submitted a new grant proposal today for starting a program to collect oral histories (yay! everybody cross fingers!). So, rather than blog everyday about being on the verge of a nervous breakdown I just decided to leave the blog alone for the moment.
BUT! Regarding teaching materials idea - yes, Bunny and I have been talking about doing something like that on and off since... well, since we started this project. But things never seem to calm down around here so we've never actually gotten around to doing it. Hopefully sometime later this year Bunny will be able to make a Pinky Show Wiki so that interested people would be able to coordinate work on things like supplemental materials, episode subtitles, or whatever else people might find useful. We're hoping to do that eventually, we're just flat under a bunch of work at the moment.
But not dead!
Take care,

[ note from Bunny: The situation in Gaza has deescalated somewhat but is still dire. Please remind your friends that we have two excellent documentaries in our Dec 2008 diary archives on the Israel-Palestine conflict: Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land, and Occupation 101. Send them here. ]