1st Pinky Show Book ETA: June 2009

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We finally have an estimated arrival time for our upcoming book I Want To Punch Your Face: a picture book by Pinky & Bunny - assuming all goes well it looks like it'll be available around mid-June. Thank you to everyone for being so patient!

• Story by Pinky and Bunny
• 20-something cat drawings by Pinky
• Pretty red cover with Bunny's big grumpy face on it
• Softcover; approx. 8 x 6 inches

And finally, here are a few answers to questions we've received via e-mail. (answers by Pinky)

Q: What's the book about?
A: We made the book to help people think and talk about the effects of violence.

Q: Is this a children's book?
A: The book does look sort of like a children's book but actually we wrote it with adults in mind. This book is mostly pictures and not so much text (probably a third grader would have no problem reading it), but we see violence as being a problem more among adults than children. So I guess you could say that this is a children's book (format) for adults (intended audience).

Q: Where can I get this book?
A: For starters IWTPYF will be available through our website in June 2009. We'll post more information about this as soon as the books arrive from the printing people.

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Friday, 5/29 UPDATE!

We finally have new information to pass along to you today. The printers say they are 14 days - maybe less - away from shipping our first batch of I Want To Punch Your Face books to us. Then the books will probably take another week to get to us via USPS. I've asked Bunny to set up a pre-order form in the PS Store (go here), and for anyone who pre-orders a copy (or copies) of IWTPYF, I will personally see to it that Pinky & Bunny tastefully autograph your book on the inside cover. I already have a nice pen selected. Is that cool?

IWTPYF will be $12.95 per book, and as always, the shipping cost will just be whatever the U.S. Post Office charges us plus the cost of the mailing envelope (we don't make money on shipping).


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Friday, 6/5 UPDATE!

The first shipment of books is scheduled to arrive Monday, June 15. We promise to stuff envelopes that night as fast as possible and hopefully we'll have the orders sent out Tuesday. For every one who has pre-ordered IWTPYF, thank you! We've already received orders from all across the U.S., the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Slovenia, Italy, and more! Exciting!

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