New Pinky Show Video: Kahoolawe

Added on by PS Cat02.

I just posted our newest video in the archive: 13 Things I Learned at Kahoolawe. It's an unusual episode by Pinky Show standards, so I'm curious how people will react to this one. As always, if you have any comments please e-mail them to us. We're not able to respond to each and every e-mail we receive (sometimes we get over a hundred e-mails a day) but feedback definitely influences the way we approach future episodes.

Starting Friday Pinky and I will be going for a walk for two weeks. We don't know where we're going - the point is to see where we're going as we're walking. It's been very hot here these past few days (sometimes over 110 degrees Fahrenheit), so besides having a good look into our future, the #1 priority will be to not die from the heat.

Bye for now. Bunny.