Staying for now; 2011 summarized.

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After talking it over with Pinky I finally decided that I'm going to stay and keep working on the Pinky Show for at least another year. I'm still not totally convinced that writing stuff and making art is the best way to change our stupid society but she made a fairly convincing argument that probably this is the best way that I can personally make a contribution. Okay, maybe true - time will tell.

Last year was mostly about traveling to talk to people face-to-face. We went to Canada several times (Winnipeg, Toronto 2x, Sherbrooke), Europe twice (Berlin, Warsaw), Hawaii, and of course we walked around a lot here in the United States. We walked so much I think that's why my knee hurts now. But meeting everybody was extremely important for us. We learned a lot about how people are understanding or not understanding our work, which is often difficult to get a feel for because we do so much of our communications via the internet. Maybe we should do this every fifth year.

Using what we learned last year, this coming year will be mostly comprised of:

1) Posting the documentation of what we experienced last year on our travels.
2) Posting all the scripts & illustrations of all the unproduced videos we weren't able to fund.
3) We have several small-scale art projects planned. I think you will like these.
4) Continue making Pinky Show comics.
5) Publish another small book. (We ran out of I Want To Punch Your Face.)
6) Continue work on our upcoming big book.
7) Host our first-ever Human in Residence.

Number 7 should be very interesting. Pinky and I decided that it would be good to have some kind of program where we'd be able to talk with a non-threatening human being for an extended period of time. We're not sure if this is going to be a recurring thing or not, but it seemed like an idea we wanted to try. We invited test-human Giordano Nanni (historian, writer, multimedia producer; studies colonialism, etc.) to come visit us. He's half of the duo that produces Rap News and will be joining us for 20 days of talking, sharing information & experiences, plotting, meditation training, and we don't know what else yet. He is scheduled to arrive January 21 and I will post updates here in this blog thing.

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