1st Pinky Show Human-in-Residence over.

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For those of you who dropped by over the past couple of weeks looking for updates on our residency project, my apologies. I said I was going to post periodic updates but ended up posting none. Bleh - I guess I am just not good at writing in diaries. Sorry.

The residency itself was very good for us, I hope it was also good for our visitor. The main thing we wanted was to have lots of time to exchange ideas, walk together, eat and drink coffee together, stuff like that. We all drank a lot of coffee and tea and some juice. We got to do all that plus introduce him to some nice animals and people and I think he liked looking at the unique rocks, vegetation, and water-forms we have around here. He left yesterday to go back to Australia. I hope he is safely home by now.

A few people have e-mailed us to ask how we selected Mr. Nanni to be our first visiting human. The simple answer is that we didn't really choose per se, it just sort of happened. I had been chatting with Mr. Nanni via e-mails for quite some time - he liked The Pinky Show and we liked Rap News, etc. We just thought it'd be easier to have longer, more involved discussions face-to-face. (duh) So it was, and I hope in the future we will have a chance to do this with other people too. Maybe once a year would work nicely?

So if you are a nice human being and would like to come talk and study with Bunny and me for "X" (?) amount of time, please feel free to send us a letter. We'll put it in a special folder and choose someone from that folder, maybe for next year.

Okay, now I have to finish drawing our Pinky Show comic for Fuse magazine's upcoming Spring issue!

Take care,