New war poster, image macros, and button art in the PS archives.

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Hi everybody! It's the end of the week - yay! I hope your week has been filled with many victories against the forces of evil!

I just finished posting some stuff in the Pinky Show archives. The thing that I'm guessing will interest the most people is the poster Bunny and I made a couple of weeks ago. It's called Figure 1: War Deaths, Traumas, and Other Miscellaneous Injuries. We made it primarily for classroom teachers and other educators, to help students think and talk more about the wide range of suffering violent conflicts like wars and "interventions" produce - suffering that for the most part is never covered by TV news broadcasts. We made two versions - please note that version two contains images that may be unsettling to some viewers.

Oh, speaking of TV news, for those of you who are into media studies, journalism, and whatnot, we also have two new image macros that takes TV news as its subject matter so you might be interested in that… Also, I finally added in some of our button-work (buttons are a means of communication too!) to the archive. Hmm, only took me 6 months to get around to posting it...

Whenever possible we always try to have a digital version of our work available for free on our website. We have students and educators downloading our materials from almost every corner of this planet, including some places where money is unbelievably hard to come by. For those of you who have the means, please help keep this project floating!

And, as always, if you are handy with Facebook and stuff like that please transmit this info far and wide. Bunny and I've kinda given up on the social media thing. We kind of understand how Twitter works but Facebook seems too confusing.

Okay, I will sign off now. It is already very late and I still haven't cooked supper!

Thank you and a big hug to all Pinky Show friends!