Happy New Year

Added on by PS Cat02.

Pinky and I wish everybody reading this a very good new year.

Personally I'm very glad to have a brand new year to get started with. With a few exceptions, I thought last year sucked.

Pinky spent probably 90% of her waking hours taking care of abandoned wheelchair lady we found down by the highway. After a lot of nerve-wracking ups and downs - including a couple of times where we really thought she was about to die - her health finally seems to be improving a little. She's strong enough now that last week we were finally able to start taking her to a Level II adult daycare facility near here so that she can have some interaction with other humans, and also give Pinky and me some time to get back to doing Pinky Show work together.

What did I do last year? Well, changing adult diapers and giving sponge baths is not my thing. So I spent most of last year working on our Pinky Show book project and in my spare time building an 8-foot tall media analysis robot. I named her Mittens. She should be ready for unveiling in about a week. I'm doing final testing now.

We just got our new 4TB CalDigit RAID in the mail yesterday. This is to replace our old WiebeTech work drive that finally died after several years of very intense use. Thank you to everyone who sent us donations over the past year. Your donations helped keep the Pinky Show website online, pay our electricity and food bills, pay for the replacement harddrive as well as all the other small project expenses that began piling up during the past year. Now with wheelchair lady at daycare several days a week Pinky and I will finally have a chance to wrap up some old, unfinished work and also start some new stuff. I have a feeling this is going to be a very complicated, tumultuous, tiring, and exciting year. I feel good and ready for work.

See you soon,