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Guess what? We are slowly making our way through our archive of past videos, converting them to a bigger size. I will be swapping out the old videos on our website with the newer, bigger versions and when I'm done mostly everything will be a lot bigger and nicer to look at. How much bigger? FOUR TIMES BIGGER. And of course everything will still be free, so we'll essentially be giving away 4 times more free stuff than before, if you count pixels as stuff. You're welcome!

First up - our Fabulous Imperialism video is now big. It was our first 'real' video - if you've never seen it before, go see it now. I hadn't watched it in years actually, it was fun to watch it again. I still think it rules. After watching it again I went and pat Pinky on the head because she really has improved a lot as a narrator these past few years. (She sucks in this video.)

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