Wheelchair Lady's cat toy.

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We received a bunch of e-mails about Bunny's crocheted cat toys the past few days, ever since I posted the photos of the toy she made for Myles Kitten. Since people seem to like Bunny's toys I will post this one too - it's the first "big one" she made. (She made a lot of half-sized dolls before this one, to work out details like how to make the shape of the ears, how to attach the arms, and so on.)

Bunny crocheted this doll for Wheelchair Lady, who sleeps with it every night. This cat's had lots and lots of names already, because Wheelchair Lady's short term memory isn't so good, so almost everyday she gives her a new name. It's cute because the nurses at the hospital, when they make WL's bed in the morning sometimes they rest this cat's head on the pillow and pull the blanket up over her to make her look very comfortable. This way when WL gets back to her bed at night she's happy that this cat looks like she's waiting for her in the bed.

I borrowed Cat X this morning so I could photograph it. (I asked permission first.) After I photographed it I realized it's pretty dirty, so I'm going to wash it...

I'll try to photograph & share whatever new things we make around here.

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