Pinky is at Koyasan

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I talked to Pinky on the telephone this morning. She has arrived safely at Mount Koya in Wakayama Prefecture, Japan. It is the spiritual and administrative center of Shingon Buddhism. She will be there for a few days. I asked her why she was there but she had only a few coins and so we'll talk more when she gets back to Kyoto and has internet again. Anyway, I just wanted to update all of you who've been asking about where Pinky is now, how she's doing, and so on. She said her feet are tired and she got bitten a lot by mosquitoes but otherwise she's fine.

One of the towers of Danjo Garan. This photo is not from Pinky, I just got it from Wikipedia. Either Pinky or I will post some of her photos from Japan when she gets back. 

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