A Short Walk; Project Twenty1 Film Festival

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Announcement 1: Pinky and I are just about ready to jump into 'writing phase' for our next few episodes, plus the new year is right around the corner. So we thought it'd be nice to start the new year by going for a walk. Just for a few days. Walking is good, it'll give us a chance to organize our thoughts. We're not bringing any books, just a notepad and a pen. And food and water.

We'll start walking on Dec 31 (new year's eve morning) and walk around here in the desert until maybe Jan 5th or so. It's not so hot right now (about 50°F during the day, 35-ish° F at night) so it should be nice. "Mini-vacation."

We won't be doing any e-mail during this time.

Announcement 2: On January 5th one of our episodes (Thomas Edison Hates Cats) is going to be screened at the Project Twenty1 film festival in Philadelphia. Our very first film festival! We really wanted to attend but it's way too far to walk and we couldn't afford the air fare and stuff. But we were very flattered to be invited and even more surprised when our video was actually selected. This is a 'new' film festival but I think it will be successful because the organizers have lots of energy and are very nice people. But yeah, that's another reason why we're going for a walk. It'd be depressing to be just sitting here at home while our video is being screened at a film festival and we're missing all the parties and stuff.

Okay, see you in about a week.