Costco Chicken

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Gosh I'm tired. After watching that movie the other night (Idiocracy - see yesterday's diary entry), Kim & Mimi said they wanted to visit a Costco in real life (you'd think it was Disneyland or something). Problem is the nearest Costco around here is in Victorville, almost a hundred miles away. We got there by riding on a vegetable truck. Getting back was a nightmare, I don't think you need to know that story.

Well, Costco in real life is not nearly as exciting as it appeared in the movie. No shuttles, no brothels, no amusement parks. But I was impressed with how much STUFF they had. I mean, rows and rows of STUFF piled up all the way to the sky, and people were loading up their large-size shopping carts like there's a hurricane headed this way (there isn't, right?). One thing I thought was pretty weird was what kind of items Costco places next to the check-out lines, for 'impulse purchases'. While in supermarkets you might see small things like chewing gum or gossipy magazines, at Costco they had lots of whole roasted chickens lined up waiting for people to 'grab and go'.


I felt sad looking at all those chickens sitting in their chicken-sized plastic coffins. I mean, 1 chicken to eat = 1 (formerly) alive chicken and it's hard to believe that the life of 1 chicken is only 'worth' $4.99. "Good deal" I'm sure most people will say. Bunny and Kim were looking at the chickens for a long time, I'm sure they wanted one.

Poor shrimp. The life of 1 shrimp must be worth even less.

~ pinky