After the Political-Social Stuff...

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Exactly one month ago, I posted our (then) production cue:

"...two new blurbs; a follow-up Q&A episode to the Lt. Watada episode (061222-01); an episode about pollution in the Pacific Ocean; a tutorial on how to videotape an interview; a mini-biography episode (Bunny's current pet project); and hopefully, if we can coordinate it, an episode about nuclear non-proliferation."

Well, the two blurbs were done (Thomas Edison Hates Cats, and Ant: Light Pollution) and we're almost done with a third. The Lt. Watada Pt. II episode morphed into the Iraq War: Legal or Illegal? episode (approx. 2 weeks from completion). Bunny is still working on her mini-biography episode (according to Bunny ETA is "March-ish") and who knows when the Pacific Ocean one will get done (that one is actually being worked on by a friend of ours, so...?). But we did finish the episode on nuclear weapons last night - it's called 27,000 Holocausts. Special thanks to Dr. John Burroughs, Executive Director of Lawyers' Committee on Nuclear Policy. I thought he was very clear and easy to understand so I'm happy with the way it came out.

Anyway, after we bring our current production batch to a conclusion, I think I'd like to make an effort to work on some episodes or blurbs that maybe aren't so 'dark'. It's not that I think nuclear weapons or war aren't important enough to keep making new episodes about - of course they are, and we plan on making lots more episodes on these kinds of subject matter. But when we started this Pinky Show project Bunny and I also had lots of ideas for episodes that were about pop culture, the arts, education, traveling, and things like that. We really like that kind of stuff too. But I guess with the war going on our minds have been sort of preoccupied with the more overtly political subjects. So anyway, I guess I'm just writing this entry as a way to remind myself that we shouldn't forget to do some 'non-war' episodes soon.

~ pinky