Happy New Year; New Hobby

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Today is the first day of the Chinese lunar calendar, year 4705. As such it's the Year of the Boar (a.k.a. Year of the Pig). According to the Wikipedia entry, many people traditionally don't eat meat (animals) on the first day of the new year in order to insure greater longevity for themselves. I don't know if that really works or not, but at the very least I'm sure it's appreciated by all the animals that would have otherwise been eaten today. To be on the safe side I would have liked to have avoided eating any animal-related food today too but by the time I read the Wikipedia stuff I had already eaten some dried fish (I think that was fish). So I guess no longevity for me.

Hmm, looking at the Wikipedia pictures of Jiaozi (饺子) makes me hungry...

Bunny has a new hobby. She is now sewing dolls. The way this came about is that we were down by the highway looking for things to eat (as usual) and while we were there we came across a large plastic bag with lots of smaller packages of different colored fabric remnants in it. We're thinking it fell off a delivery truck. Anyway the four of us dragged the whole thing back to our trailer (very tiring). Bunny started cutting out pieces right after and now she is sewing them together in the shape of cats. I will post a picture of one when she is done. Me, I'm not really into sewing. It looks relaxing but I can't get the hang of tying knots.

I think since this is the beginning of a new year, I would like to start a new hobby too. I'm going to try to decide on one before I go to sleep tonight.

~ pinky