Kim's Airplane

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I've been thinking about a small thing that happened last week. The four of us (me, Bunny, Kim, & Mimi) decided to go down to town to try to find some food. Before we left Kim and Mimi kind of got into a disagreement - Kim was going to bring her airplane along with her and Mimi said something like:

Mimi: Why don't you leave the toy at home?
Kim: I want to play with it while we're walking there and back...
Mimi: If you're holding your airplane you can't carry food.
Kim: I can carry food and the airplane.
Mimi: You won't be able to carry as much food.
Kim: Yes I can, etc., etc.

So anyway Kim ended up bringing the airplane and guess what? After three hours of going through dozens and dozens of dumpsters and trash cans all over Baker, CA - we're finally heading back home when Kim suddenly stops and says "Hey! Where's my airplane?!?" She didn't have her airplane anymore. She left it somewhere; we'd been all over town and it could have been anywhere. So we walked back to Baker and started looking in all the places we'd been. As you can imagine, Kim was in a near-panic and Mimi was quiet but visibly grouchy.

We finally found the airplane, or what was left of it, in the parking lot of the Bun Boy Restaurant. A car had run over it and it was flat and smashed into lots of small pieces. Kim started crying and I had to carry her home. I think at that point even Mimi was feeling really bad for her because that airplane was her absolute favorite - she was always playing with it.


When we got home Kim wandered off for a while but she came back the next morning. She told us that she decided she's not going to play with toys anymore because she doesn't want to lose any more toys. Mimi said that wasn't necessary and she just needs to be more responsible and leave her toys at home from now on.

I don't know if Kim is going to give up toys for real, but I think I can kind of understand why she said that. Maybe it's not good to have anything that's so precious that losing it would devastate you.

~ pinky