Too Windy for Recording

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We were hoping to do some audio recording tonight but it's so windy that we finally gave up (we don't have one of those soundproof recording rooms you see on tv). I have a ton of work I could be doing instead but since I don't feel like doing real work tonight, I'm procrastinating by making multiple diary entries... :P

Anyway, a few days ago a guy named Joel e-mailed us 10 interview questions for some kind of project he's doing. I was going to wait to do it after I'm all caught up with all my work, but...

~ pinky


Q1: To start off, why did you and Bunny choose cats to represent yourselves?
A: Sorry, I don't understand this question.

Q2) What do you find to be the largest problem in modern society?
A: This is a hard one. I'll go with 'individualism'.

Q3) What inspired you to tackle the topic of political, and governmental philosophy?
A: I don't know anything about these subjects, sorry.

Q4) What do you recommend veiwers do to make a difference?
A: I don't recommend anything. People are capable of acting on their own analyses.

Q5) What is your absolute favourite food?
A: I crave sushi from time to time, the kind with the little pieces of raw fish in/on it. But I'm trying not to eat animals anymore so I will say 'pie' instead.

Q6) What other hobbies do you and Bunny enjoy?
A: Bunny reads a lot and likes video games. I like to walk around at night. We also like music and looking at books with pictures.

Q7) What are the pros and cons of a cat living in the desert?
A: Pros: It's peaceful and the landscape is beautiful. Cons: It's harder to get things (food, books, etc.) and of course the temperatures get pretty extreme. Also sometimes we wish more stuff was going on around here.

Q8) Do you enjoy Political Satirists such as Jon Stewart or Stephen Colbert?
A: Yes.

Q9) Do you believe in Evolution or Creationism?
A: I like Creationism because it's a lot easier to understand, but my intuitive sense is that it's total bullshit. I don't know, honestly I don't spend a lot of time thinking about either one.

Q10) To end off, what is your absolute favourite piece of literature.

A: I don't read fiction. Maybe in my next life. Oh wait, I enjoyed Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.