Bunny Mailbag for August 21

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Pinky & Kim went to run some errands in Los Angeles today so I am answering e-mails in the meantime.

E-mail number 1:

"Hello Pinky, To lend more force to your arguments, I would love to hear more about what your 'credentials' are - education, etc. (I am guessing that you are some kind of poli-sci or international law student). It will make a big difference because I think that [people] will be more likely to watch it if [you] can stick some degrees beside your name... Much thanks, B."

Reply: Dear B., We don't list degrees because we would like people to consider what we are saying based on what we are saying instead of the degrees we have. Thanks, Bunny

E-mail number 2:

"This is a response to your "27,000 Holocausts". This is neither Fan Mail nor Hate Mail. Call it Realignment Mail... Asia has a different perspective on life. Nuclear weapons were developed by and for European countries. In WWII the U.S. forces were introduced, in Japan, to the Kamikaze. Next to Nuclear weapons, it is the most devastating weapon ever encountered. One aircraft piloted by a person with this mindset, could take down whole ships. A person who does not want to die is one thing, but a person who does not want to live is another... You mentioned "India versus Pakistan" as a possible place for a Nuclear weapons to be used. Again, you should ask "Why?" Because they do not care. Look at the living environment of these people. They do not have much to loose in any kind of warfare. The same goes for most of Asia. Look at Vietnam and the rest of India or Africa. You mentioned that Israel has the 'bomb'. But you did not state of what importance this was. But Iran does almost have it. And they have sworn to use it precisely on Israel. No bones about it. Hate is a strange thing. It spreads like a cancer and will only kill the host. Guns do not kill people. People kill people." It is the spirit of Man that is the enemy. If you really want to 'Stop Nuclear Weapons', then give the people something for which to live, not to die. Answer ==> Provide clear drinking water and housing, clothes and security for their children. If you want to end Nuclear Weapons, then do not take them apart by decree; let them rust apart from dis-use." - Viktor

Reply: Dear Viktor, I'm sorry, your generalizations about people who don't want to live are very stupid. Please do not build a philosophy of life upon "realigned" ideas like this; if you do you will only be called unpleasant names. Goodbye. Bunny

E-mail number 3, from some guy claiming to be Nikola Tesla:

name: Nikola Tesla
organization: Reality
"I was behind AC not Westinghouse... Also, modern execution is generally done by lethal injection or the gas chamber. Ethically Vacant indeed. Not only is big business lacking but so are groups like you swine. You think it is okay to half research your little topics as long as you make your point...You are just as bad as them."

Reply: Dear Ghost of Nikola Tesla, We weren't talking about you. Also I think you may not know what modernity is, perhaps you should look it up. Or are there no dictionaries or books in the afterlife? Goodbye. Bunny

This is why Pinky answers the e-mail around here.

~ Bunny