Radical Education Zine: Done

Added on by PS Cat02.

After a crazy week of not much sleep I hope things will start settling down a bit around here (I know, I always say that...). We finally finished Radical Education Fanzine No. 3 (September 2007) yesterday and sent it off to our friends at the Radical Education Forum, Slovenia. It was a bit stressful working under such a tight schedule but it was also a lot of fun. We haven't made a zine for a long time. Kim is sweet - every night during the week she made coffee & snacks in the middle of the night for our mini-critiques, or to keep my energy up while I worked on the writing or pictures (I draw really slowly and make lots of mistakes; lots of re-do's). Probably you can see the caffeine in the shaky lines. Anyway, we'll make some of the content in the zine into video form in the upcoming weeks.

Now back to finishing up our episode on Immigration. We're actually almost done but we had to shelve that episode momentarily because the zine deadline got moved up.

Okay, I go back to work now.

~ pinky