Greg Palast: Steal Back Your Vote!

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Now that the presidential elections are almost here, we've been getting more and more e-mails from people asking us who we're going to vote for. Well, as I've pointed out many times before, cats are barred from participating in human being elections.

But, for all of you people out there who (supposedly) can vote, you may want to watch this short video. BBC reporter Greg Palast (one of the more interesting, and dare I say it - entertaining - reporters out there) filed this short video report about how Republican & Democrat party politicians have been secretly engaged in a back-room struggle to rig the upcoming presidential elections. Don't go down to your neighborhood polling place only to be met with a unpleasant surprise ("No, you can't vote...") - watch this video!

This video originally appeared as part of Democracy Now!'s October 9, 2008 broadcast. You can watch the whole show (or read the transcript) by clicking here.

I'm guessing that after you watch the video you'll be feeling very, very angry - no problem, Greg Palast and Bobby Kennedy Jr. have already anticipated that. They've published an informational comic book (less depressing / funner than a conventional newspaper article) that you can download here if you want to know how to "steal back your vote".

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