Lots of new stuff to report!

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We just released a new video episode - it's an interview with Clifford Thornton Jr. on the subject of The War On Drugs. Take a look at it in our archives.

Just published in the Conversations Area: an interview with Phyllis Bennis on U.S.-Iran relations. If you've ever felt "generally confused" about Iran and its nuclear program, possible U.S. military strikes, and so on, I think you'll find this article very helpful.

I added a bunch of new designs to our store including shirts, a tote bag, and stickers! Also, our Winter Solstice Shirt Fundraiser is back! Any 10 shirts in a box for $200! Wow, that's only $20 for a limited run, hand(paw?)-printed, super-soft premium shirt made in the U.S.A. by American Apparel! AND it has Pinky-drawn cats on it??? That's crazy! Place your order soon before our shirts run out.

Why is this important? Well, because...

...we have VERY LITTLE TIME remaining to meet our fundraising goals! The end of the year is fast approaching and the half-matching challenge grant from the Pierre & Pamela Omidyar Fund will go *poof!* after that. We've been trying our hardest to do all kids of relationship building and fundraising because we're looking for signs as to whether people think the Pinky Show project is worth supporting or not. 100% of all monies raised goes directly into the project - please help us continue our work.

Misc. Hawaii update:
We're still working on the Hawaii series. Pinky's already re-worked the intro section about 80 million times - which is okay I guess because that's the most difficult part and I don't want to force her to release it until she's satisfied. I'm sure it'll be pretty soon. Meanwhile the subsequent parts continue to move nicely towards completion.

Don't forget to take good care of yourself as you fight the forces of evil!

- Bunny