Lt. Watada Update

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We are very pleased to hear that a U.S. District Judge has (finally!) ruled that the Army cannot send Lt. Ehren Watada to trial a second time for the same charges - to do so is called 'double jeopardy' and would be a violation of his constitutional rights. As you may recall, the first trial was declared a mistrial by the presiding Army judge when he realized that the trial wasn't going as well as he had hoped (i.e., guaranteed conviction). With this additional setback hopefully the Army will just discharge Lt. Watada already - his term of service to the military was actually over in 2006, since then he's basically been held captive by the legal process and consigned to a meaningless desk job counting paper clips.

I don't know what will happen next - if we hear something we'll post it here.

[ Pinky Show Ehren Watada speech from 2006 ]

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