What's a Furry?

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Via one of the more bizarre expressions of hatred against The Pinky Show we've encountered, I'm learning something new about internet culture (and human nature). A brief chronology of events:

1. We receive an e-mail with a link to a jumpy photo that is trying its hardest to be obscene. I've seen worse and just throw it away.

2. We receive a panicky e-mail that there is someone on YouTube who made a racist video in reference to our How To Solve Illegal Immigration episode. I check it out and yes, it's racist - not a huge surprise being that this YouTuber also gives 5-star ratings to Ku Klux Klan videos and videos where people kill animals. I also happen to notice that it's from the same person who sent us the poopy-dick e-mail (also not a surprise).

3. I did watch another video made by this same hater - Why Do People Hate Furries? - and this one was actually pretty interesting. Not because the video itself is well-made (it's not - it's a solid '9' on the lame scale) but because I've never heard the term 'furries' before. So I looked it up.

"Furry fandom is a fandom distinguished by its enjoyment of anthropomorphic animal characters. Examples of anthropomorphism in furry fandom include the attribution of human intelligence, facial expressions, anatomy, speech, bipedalism, and clothing to otherwise animal characters. Members of this subculture are sometimes known as furry fans, furries, or simply furs..." [ from Wikipedia - read the whole entry if you wish... ]

Also fascinating are the concepts of furry 'lifestylers', yiffy art (erotic art featuring furries), furry-themed cybersex, terminology like 'furfags', etc. Nice to learn something new everyday.

I'm still trying to figure out the connection between anti-black racism, anti-furryism, and teenage YouTube hissyfits. I asked Pinky what she thought about all this but she wasn't interested.

- Bunny