The Pinky Show : Class Treason Stories (excerpts) @ University of Winnipeg

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The Class Treason Stories (excerpts) exhibition is now open at the University of Winnipeg's Gallery 1C03! The talks were all well attended and exciting and the opening was fun - with Kim, Zach and Haley right outside the gallery at the IWGS table selling Pinky Show t-shirts and books and stickers we sort of felt like rock stars! lol Here's a couple of pictures of how the installation came out.


The exhibition runs until December 12. Then it'll be taken down and packed up and shipped off to Toronto, where it will open for a second time in January (details coming soon) at the Toronto Free Gallery.

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A big THANK YOU to everybody who made the 1C03 exhibition happen: Milena Placentile, who without her invitation and positive energy and guidance we would have never, ever, EVER been able to do this exhibition; Jennifer Gibson, art curator at UWinnipeg who was so accommodating and patient with us and just all-around helpful with helping us take care of all the little details an exhibition inevitably produces; Glen Johnson - the artist who basically single-handedly installed the show for us (we don't know how to use power tools and he's a lot taller than we are) and kept us reassured that everything would be okay with his calm temperament and deadpan hilariousness (?) even when cables were pulling out of the wall; Kim Hunter and her incredible family for showing us a deeper level of Winnipeg kindness and complexity and beauty; Zach, Haley, Tyler, Lissie, and all the folks (Hi Roewan! Hi Fiona! Next time please!) at the Institute for Women's and Gender Studies (IWGS) for their enthusiasm, institutional support, and of course, the non-stop bake sales; the people at AceArtInc, who  allowed us to use their very cool space for a public-HR03 dialogue (Liz Garlicki, can we hang out next time?); Cliff Eyland at the University of Manitoba School of Art for his graciousness and generosity (he invited us to talk with his students and he was so nice to us even though I could tell he was sick as a dog)… and of course the dozens and dozens to people we met at the talks, the opening, and behind-the-scenes meetings & get-togethers that made us feel welcome and gave us so much to think about. We were in Winnipeg for only a week and of course there are probably about 700,000 other people there we didn't get to meet but the people that we did meet were all very warm and welcoming and made us feel like there really is somebody out there who is engaging our work at a very deep level. To us, making work that is useful or helpful to others is the most important thing we can possibly do, so it's actually very difficult to put into words how important this trip was for us.

We will write more about the trip a little later (we're still getting our materials in order), probably in the blog.

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[ Bunny note: Glen and I ate bison burgers. ]